S.A. House Buyers Birddog Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How does the process work?

A.  The video that is shown on this page, will answer this question better.  But basically, you send us a deal, we analyze the deal, if we like it and buy the property, you get paid $500 to $1000.  

Q.  How/When do I get paid?

A.  You, the Birddog, get paid at the closing of the purchase of the house that you send us.  This process for us to analyze the deal, do a walk through inspection, get our title company, insurance provider, and contractors ready for the deal takes anywhere from 7-60 days, depending on the circumstances.   We cannot guarantee a certain day that you will get paid.  Unfortunately, things come up that are out of our control, like requiring signatures from the seller for certain documents or obtaining clear title insurance.  These things can delay the process for up to 60 days, but it is our intent to buy the property as soon as possible. We will pay you with a check on the day of closing for either – $500 or $1000.   

Q.  How can I make sure that you will pay me, once I give you the lead?

A.  We are an honest and local company that has closed dozens of deals here in San Antonio, and we wants to continue to do so.  Scamming honest people like yourself is not a good way to do business and will tarnish our reputation.  Nevertheless, if you would feel more comfortable having a signed agreement in writing between us to honor the terms of the referral, we can certainly discuss that and entertain anything that you present to us in writing.  

Q.  Can I get something in writing that guarantees that I will get paid?

A.  Sure, please see the above answer.  If you would like to draw something up and send it to us, we will look it over and ensure that you feel comfortable in sending us the lead.  

Q.  What if the deal falls through, do I still get paid?

A.  No, you do not.  Sometimes deals fall through for whatever reason, and we cannot guarantee that you will be paid on every deal.  We will do everything in our possible to ensure that the deal closes, however.

Q.  I drive around San Antonio a lot, and see “FOR SALE” signs all of the time.  Can I just give you those addresses and get paid?

A.  No.  We need direct contact with the seller and to get some information about the house.  Addresses alone are not enough to proceed with a deal.  Please review the video on the first page that you came across and submit your info on the form below.  Once you do, the page will bring you to a new video that explains EVERYTHING that we need from the seller.  

Q.  I see a bunch of houses for sale on craigslist.  Can I send you those links of the houses for sale and get paid?

A.  No, this is a big waste of time for both you and I.  At this time, we are not looking for Craigslist sellers, only sellers out there in the community.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND US CRAIGSLIST ADS.  

Q.  Do you need anyone to help you fix the houses, like a contractor or handyman?

A.  No, not at this time.  If you are not interested in the Birddog Program and want to solicit your services to us for our renovation projects, please refrain from doing so.  We are not interested in hiring new sub-contractors or handymen at this time!